v6.13 - Not available yet; bug needs to be squashed

Attention, attention! Version 6.13 is not available yet! There is a huge bug that needs to be stomped on and incinerated before the demo can be released! 

We’re working really hard on it, and expect to release v6.13 soon!

Thanks for bearing with us!

actually, I’m just not done with it yet. But there is a nasty bug that I need to kill beforehand.


lets-go-win.zip 844 MB
Version 5.14 Jul 12, 2022
lets-go-osx.zip 826 MB
Version 5.14 Jul 12, 2022
Ikimashou-5.14-linux.tar.bz2 806 MB
Version 5.14 Jul 12, 2022

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